The Molecular Biology Center (MBC) in Cameroon was created with a broad mission to contribute to the development of scientific research in the growing area of Biotechnology.

In developing countries, the gap between problems and solutions is very wide and deep. Scientific research receives little or no support in developing countries like Cameroon since the governments in these countries deal with pressing human issues such as malnutrition, illiteracy, economical insufficiency, inefficient healthcare system all this in the background of political instability.

To address this gap, MBC was established to serve as a center which can undertake research and training activities in the growing area of Biotechnology. MBC was established in July 1996 in Yaounde, Cameroon and received the authorization to function as a private, not for profit research organization since November 28th 1996 (Reg No: 00272/RDA/J06/BAPP dated 28 November 1996).

The first project undertaken at MBC was the screening for new restriction endonucleases for use in the Biotechnology field in collaboration with New England Biolabs, MA, USA ( This collaboration contributed in the discovery of new restriction enzymes and to the training of some graduate students in Cameroon. This initial success and collaboration with an international company was very motivating.

Leading from this, the founders of MBC have set the goal to broaden the research activities to include the development of novel tools for infectious diseases diagnosis and treatment. Wo go further to develop the production of low-cost scientific instrument for life science and clinical sciences.